Neelam Kaur

Neelam Kaur
المنشأ India
عضو منذ 01 / 2015
نبذة عني I come from a small town in India, Assam currently based in Delhi...I love Sketching, Embroidery Patterns and Painting-Tie and Dye, Batik etc.
نبذة عن تصميماتي Cute-Cartoons, Nature more of Floral Designs, something that I get attracted
مصدر الإلهام I love Bright Colors, and am drawn to Nature and love cute cartoons...
نموذجية للتصاميم من
Indians is full of designs and colors...I wish to work on bringing a slight tint of Indian Designs to my work
إلى جانب أنماط I تصميم Designing Cards, Wrapping Paper, Fabric..