Yuliya Vasilyeva

Yuliya Vasilyeva
المنشأ Russia
عضو منذ 04 / 2016
نبذة عني I love drawing, creativity. I like to use the traditional materials. My favorite tools - watercolor, ink, pencils, markers. However, to engage in computer graphics is also very interesting. It has its advantages. The most exciting - it all sorts of mixed techniques.
نبذة عن تصميماتي I like the fact that any object can be drawn stylized. I love to draw animals, characters and objects, prefer cartoon style. I am pleased when they obtaine cute, kind and bright.
مصدر الإلهام The world and all kinds of art and creativity.
نموذجية للتصاميم من
Traditional patterns and graphic motifs.
إلى جانب أنماط I تصميم Vector illustration, greeting cards and other art projects.