Marlene Wagenhofer

Marlene Wagenhofer
অরিজিন Austria
যেহেতু সদস্য 01 / 2020
আমার সম্পর্কে Artist, lover of natural beauty, industrial design graduate and creative mind/heart who loves to experiment.
আমার ডিজাইন সম্পর্কে Since university I'm working as a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator with a focus on surface pattern design since 2018. All these different influences can also be found in my designs.
অনুপ্রেরণা আমার উৎস I'm most fascinated by nature's diversity, but also music and the world of colors inspire me.

আমার দেশ থেকে ডিজাইনের জন্য আদর্শ
Good question... I know a few Austrian designers and everyone has their own style. So I think apart from traditional costumes we've become pretty cosmopolitan ;-)
নিদর্শন ছাড়াও আমি ডিজাইন logos, catalogues, business cards, flyer... But I also take photos and paint!