Evelyn Kantioler

Evelyn Kantioler
অরিজিন Germany
যেহেতু সদস্য 04 / 2020
আমার সম্পর্কে I was born in South Tirol in the Nord of Italy. Tradition and Italian fashion was always surrounding me and it influenced my life until today. I love to create, colorise and illustrate colourful worlds for children and adults. After over 10 years as a fashion designer I'm back to Munich and I'm looking forward to new inspiring projects.
আমার ডিজাইন সম্পর্কে My colourful world is full of playful forms, flowers and cute designs for kids and adults.
অনুপ্রেরণা আমার উৎস our nature with all her beauty

আমার দেশ থেকে ডিজাইনের জন্য আদর্শ
The connection of tradition and actual trends.
নিদর্শন ছাড়াও আমি ডিজাইন fashion for kids & adults, create fashion flat sketches and illustration for fashion and other fields