Shruti Singh

Shruti Singh
অরিজিন India
যেহেতু সদস্য 09 / 2022
আমার সম্পর্কে My name is Shruti Singh. I’m a Textile, Graphic & Fashion Designer, Self-taught Illustrator from India, and a Guinness Record Holder. Specialized in Surface Pattern Print Design. Graduated and Post Graduated in the Specialization of Textile Science and Apparel Design. (2014 to 2018). Worked as a Textile Design Intern in SHOPPERSSTOP PVT LTD in 2016. Worked as a Fashion Illustrator for the label DISHA PATIL PRET COUTURE in 2018. Currently working as a Fashion and Textile Designer and Illustrator in Clothing Label PEIRRE PHILLIPPE. Also working as a Creative Freelancer on several websites.
আমার ডিজাইন সম্পর্কে My designs deal with Beauty, Simplicity, and a Soothing Feel. I love creating patterns on a lot of different themes. Most of the pattern designs are based on Stylized and Vintage Styles with the essence of India's Traditional Touch along with the Pantone Shades to make it look more alive, and soulful and the designs have something that speaks to them.
অনুপ্রেরণা আমার উৎস My Inspiration is everywhere. Stylized and Vintage Nature kinds of Stuff, whether it is Florals, Fruits, or Festivals, sometimes with some Indian touch in it. Pantone Color has always been a vital part of my work.

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নিদর্শন ছাড়াও আমি ডিজাইন Besides Surface Pattern Designing, I also design Logos, Fonts, Digital Art backgrounds, Digital Illustrations