Simone Gautsch

Simone Gautsch
অরিজিন Austria
যেহেতু সদস্য 04 / 2014
আমার সম্পর্কে I started painting extraordinary pictures in my childhood. But then I lost my pencil for a long time and now I come back with fresh inspiration!
আমার ডিজাইন সম্পর্কে I draw my pictures with pencil or ink, than, with Photoshop, I bring the color in my drawings - with foots i made myself. So in my pictures, you can see many surprises!
অনুপ্রেরণা আমার উৎস I am inspired from my journeys in my life. My kind of art is got a unique mirror of the present.

আমার দেশ থেকে ডিজাইনের জন্য আদর্শ
I also draw pictures from typical austrian things, and from typical austrian life (nature, people, situations..) - but alway combined with thins from far far away ;-)
নিদর্শন ছাড়াও আমি ডিজাইন I draw pictures, i make exhibitions, i print my pictures and patterns on different materials, and make various things out of it: bags, notebooks, porcelain, clothes.....