Allison Holdridge

Allison Holdridge
Herkunft Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Mitglied seit 06 / 2013
Über mich I live just outside of Washington, D.C., in a leafy, historic town in Virginia. My studio is on the second floor of a house that sits on the top of a hill. I.m literally in the trees, with nature, every day. My husband is a military pilot, so moved around.a lot! This has given me an opportunity to observe the colors and shapes of nature in all kinds of environments and seasons of the year.
Über meine Designs I create things that I want to see -- things that bring me joy.
Was mich inspiriert Nature is my biggest inspiration, especially flora and foliage.
Typisch für Designs aus meinem Land I dont think there is a "typical". There are so many amazing artists in the U.S. We all have different talents, backgrounds, experiences and points of view.
Neben Mustern gestalte ich I was trained as a graphic designer, but I do a lot of painting, both large and small scale.