Dina Dankers

Dina Dankers
Origin Netherlands
Member since 09 / 2016
About Me Hello! I am a surface pattern designer based in the Netherlands. I love to make floral and geometric patterns. Feel free to contact me dinadankersdesign@gmail.com
About My Designs https://linktr.ee/dinadankersdesign
My Source of Inspiration Nature and the world around me.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Botanical illustrations
Flamingos And Tropical Plants Pattern DesignFlamingos And Tropical Leaves Repeat PatternJuicy Lemon Slices Vector DesignDelicate Dandelion Seed Seamless Vector PatternTwig Bordura Repeating PatternDonut Love Repeat PatternMonstera Leaf Silhouettes Repeat PatternHealthy Lemon Halves Seamless PatternAgate Design PatternDill Flowers on Polka Dots Design PatternOutline Lemon Slices Repeat PatternHazelnut Vector DesignIsometric Shapes with dill flowers Pattern DesignSparkle Agate stones Seamless Vector PatternMeadow Grasses Repeat PatternFern A Way Repeat PatternRetro Love Repeat PatternFloral Branches Pattern DesignFloral Branching Vector OrnamentTwigs Waves Seamless PatternMonstera Leaves Pattern DesignFresh Lemon Halves Pattern DesignFigs RepeatLavender Flowers Pattern DesignEndless Growth Pattern DesignChestnut Tree Leaves RepeatAbstract Coffee Vector OrnamentAgate Stones Seamless PatternVintage Minimalism RepeatCircles And Semicircles Repeating PatternLovely lilies flowers and leaves Repeating PatternFern And Dandelions Vector OrnamentFiligree Spring Seamless PatternMeadow flowers and chestnut ivy leaves RepeatChicory and chestnut tree leaves Vector DesignRetro Autumn Leaves Repeat PatternRetro Moon Phases Seamless Vector PatternFern And Rose Hips Design PatternIvy and chestnut tree leaves Repeat PatternLovely lilies flowers Vector DesignPoppy Capsules Design PatternLavender field RepeatBlossom Doodles Pattern DesignDelicate Fennel Flowers RepeatFennel Seeds and Flowers Repeating PatternThuja Branches Repeating PatternLight Nature Vector DesignDelicate ivy twigs Repeat PatternIris flowers Vector PatternFennel and Doodles Repeating PatternBranchy Nature Vector OrnamentText Marker Flowers Pattern DesignStylized twigs RepeatUrban forest Design PatternLilies Or Orchids Pattern DesignAbstract Floral Shapes Vector OrnamentBlown In The Wind Seamless PatternFlower Press Vector PatternPressed Fennel Flowers Vector DesignJapanese Lily Stripes Design Pattern