Aleksandr Noskov

Aleksandr Noskov
Origin Russia
Member since 11 / 2018
About Me
About My Designs I like style of the 60s and 70s but I like experiments with different styles, different color schemes and geometric elements.
My Source of Inspiration nature and geometry
Typical for designs from
my country
floral and geometric patterns
Besides patterns I design history of science, botany and geometry. glare on the surface of the water, changing the color of foliage
Leaf Paisley RepeatPrecious Buds Seamless Vector PatternChains Of Bubbles Design PatternSalute Vector OrnamentMeadow Of Love Seamless Vector PatternGlare On The Magical Creek RepeatAngled Triangles Vector PatternBubble Wrap Vector OrnamentStrict Grid Repeat Pattern70s Party Design PatternThe Meadow Of Love Vector DesignStrict Angled Grid Repeating PatternGroovie Squares Vector PatternAbstract Peas Pattern DesignBundles Of Flat Circles Seamless PatternInterplanetary Lights Vector PatternSprings On Chains RepeatMorse Code Vector DesignFlying Coffee Beans Pattern DesignAbstract Juicy Blend Seamless PatternDot Code Repeating PatternStone Stacking Waves Repeating PatternHole Code Design PatternRetro-Futuristic Circuit Design PatternMany Charming Buttons Pattern DesignExtraterrestrial Drops Vector OrnamentStream Of Rose Water Seamless Pattern70s Squares RepeatRotating Geometric Shapes Vector OrnamentAscending Circles RepeatRetro-Futuristic Symbols Pattern Design70s Stripes Repeat PatternChain Of Abstract Figures Vector DesignGlowing Talisman Vector DesignAlien Organ Vector PatternIntersecting Grid Vector DesignMatrix Structure Pattern DesignDouble Bond Pattern DesignRetro Dot Chain Pattern DesignRetro-Futuristic Bridge Seamless Vector PatternIonic Bonding Design PatternFantasy Instrument Vector OrnamentGem Structure Seamless PatternSquares And Rays Seamless Vector PatternAbstract Code Pattern DesignRetro Typo Ribbon Pattern DesignWeak Bond Vector OrnamentShiny Chains Vector DesignMacro Circuit Vector DesignAbstract Talisman Seamless Vector PatternRetro Techno Jungle Pattern DesignAbstract Glowing Figures RepeatFalling Circles Pattern DesignAtomic Bond Seamless PatternDotted Daisies Seamless Vector PatternAlien Instrument Seamless PatternChain Of Claws Repeating PatternHot Stone Vector PatternAbstract Enzymes Vector DesignWater Snakes Repeating Pattern