Shazia Ll

Shazia Ll
Origen Pakistán
Miembro desde 12 / 2012
Sobre mí I'm Shazia and love to make repeat pattern and greeting cards. If you drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.
Sobre mis diseños These are the most important elements in my work. In almost all my creations I include colors and patterns, if not, textures.
Mí fuente de inspiración Love and Colors.
Típico para los diseños de mi país cultural designs.
Además de los estampados diseño My work is more based on my daily experiences. It depends on what I’ve done that day, what I’ve seen, my sense of humor, so it’s more a day-to-day experience that influences what I put on paper.
Estampado Vector 2701Estampado Vector 5659Estampado Vector 9363Estampado Vector 3158Estampado Vector 3097Estampado Vector 4978Estampado Vector 3032Estampado Vector 2702Estampado Vector 3050Estampado Vector 3035Estampado Vector 3159Estampado Vector 5122Estampado Vector 2640Estampado Vector 5433Estampado Vector 5680Estampado Vector 5681Estampado Vector 4976Estampado Vector 3374Estampado Vector 4876Estampado Vector 7504Estampado Vector 7840Estampado Vector 3015Estampado Vector 2739Estampado Vector 3021Estampado Vector 7532Estampado Vector 5120Estampado Vector 5570Estampado Vector 8154Estampado Vector 5111Estampado Vector 3016Estampado Vector 5568Estampado Vector 7238Estampado Vector 7369Estampado Vector 9531Estampado Vector 5112Estampado Vector 4975Estampado Vector 5565Estampado Vector 2684Estampado Vector 7625Estampado Vector 3044Estampado Vector 8148Estampado Vector 7496Estampado Vector 7670Estampado Vector 7494Estampado Vector 7642Estampado Vector 7575Estampado Vector 5157Estampado Vector 5579Estampado Vector 7631Estampado Vector 5113Estampado Vector 5615Estampado Vector 7408Estampado Vector 7505Estampado Vector 10370Estampado Vector 3042Estampado Vector 7640Estampado Vector 5695Estampado Vector 9903Estampado Vector 7457Estampado Vector 7671