Dorothee Schaller

Dorothee Schaller
Origen Alemania
Miembro desde 12 / 2012
Sobre mí I am fashion designer, but I love especially to create prints, embroideries and allover-designs for everything. And I love to try all the possibilities of my computer programs.
Sobre mis diseños My designs are influenced by all kind of things. Everything what`s new. Everything what`s beautiful. Everything that makes our world more colourful.
Mí fuente de inspiración All I see.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Fashion, objects, figures, ... and our garden.
Estampado Vector 7333Estampado Vector 3357Estampado Vector 4471Estampado Vector 3642Estampado Vector 4833Estampado Vector 9592Estampado Vector 4739Estampado Vector 3459Estampado Vector 4370Estampado Vector 4145Estampado Vector 3891Estampado Vector 3662Estampado Vector 3312Estampado Vector 2847Estampado Vector 2893Estampado Vector 3356Estampado Vector 4401Estampado Vector 4708Estampado Vector 4418Estampado Vector 4369Estampado Vector 4381Estampado Vector 4385Estampado Vector 4382Estampado Vector 7286Estampado Vector 6560Estampado Vector 4903Estampado Vector 2864Estampado Vector 4814Estampado Vector 3259Estampado Vector 6557Estampado Vector 2917Estampado Vector 4146Estampado Vector 4131Estampado Vector 3255Estampado Vector 4367Estampado Vector 3256Estampado Vector 4235Estampado Vector 8542Estampado Vector 3257Estampado Vector 2957Estampado Vector 4826Estampado Vector 2906Estampado Vector 3180Estampado Vector 2865Estampado Vector 5285Estampado Vector 10018Estampado Vector 8993Estampado Vector 4150Estampado Vector 2885Estampado Vector 3757Estampado Vector 3458Estampado Vector 3461Estampado Vector 4133Estampado Vector 3258Estampado Vector 2848Estampado Vector 2894Estampado Vector 7330Estampado Vector 4513Estampado Vector 3213Estampado Vector 3355