Christina Wasenegger

Christina Wasenegger
Origen Austria
Miembro desde 01 / 2013
Sobre mí Even as a child I have drawn much around and scribbled, and this has stayed with me until now. Since July 2012, I am self-employed and can finally realize my passion for colors and forms.
Sobre mis diseños With attention to detail, I draw most of the designs by hand and then digitize it. A harmonious color scheme is particularly important for me!
Mí fuente de inspiración Actually ALL! If you look closely you can find suggestions for great patterns everywhere! Especially in nature!
Típico para los diseños de mi país Motifs from the regional flora and fauna. Classically traditional, but also fancy.
Además de los estampados diseño Graphic design - various print materials and logos, illustrations, wedding printed materials, hand-embroidered T-Shirts.
Estampado Vector 3505Estampado Vector 2962Estampado Vector 3504Estampado Vector 3320Estampado Vector 3319Estampado Vector 2854Estampado Vector 2856Estampado Vector 2989Estampado Vector 2994Estampado Vector 2862Estampado Vector 2860Estampado Vector 3503Estampado Vector 2858Estampado Vector 2844Estampado Vector 2857Estampado Vector 2855Estampado Vector 2859Estampado Vector 3321Estampado Vector 2993Estampado Vector 2863Estampado Vector 2861Estampado Vector 3469Estampado Vector 2992Estampado Vector 3626Estampado Vector 3107Estampado Vector 3502Estampado Vector 3393Estampado Vector 3401Estampado Vector 2853Estampado Vector 2991Estampado Vector 2963Estampado Vector 3106Estampado Vector 2990