Maria Jose Bautista V

Maria Jose Bautista V
Origen Italia
Miembro desde 02 / 2013
Sobre mí I'm a Colombian Fashion, Textile and Surface Pattern Designer living in Milan. I'm in LOVE with nails, 'all things cute'; animals (especially furry ones), textiles, sewing, costumes (firm believer that any occasion is good to dress up!), childlike things, gelato, chocolate and nutella, my mom and grandma's food and lastly, I have a peculiar obsession for fake eyelashes.
Sobre mis diseños I try to keep my work refreshing and quirky, always keeping it whimsical and bright. It is filled with layered textures and suave shapes.
Mí fuente de inspiración I’m inspired by everything around me; daily life is filled with exciting ways and forms that light my creativity-bulbs! I’m fascinated by colours, shapes and textures found in nature and am enchanted by children’s drawings and handwriting.
Típico para los diseños de mi país I’m influenced by the eclectic craft and cultural Colombian heritage as well as both Scandinavian and Folk art.
Además de los estampados diseño nails, clothes, DIY projects, and story illustrations.