Yenty Jap

Yenty Jap
Origen Indonesia
Miembro desde 02 / 2012
Sobre mí I am a graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Indonesia but now have migrated to Adelaide, Australia, happily lived and have a live ;).
Sobre mis diseños I like to explore new possibility in design and illustration, how to create that impact in each design, that would be my mission and vision.
Mí fuente de inspiración My observation with my surrounding.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Traditional cultural art, a mix of Chinese and Indonesian background.
Además de los estampados diseño Wallpaper, wall art, character design, Seasonal cards
Estampado Vector 3399Estampado Vector 2133Estampado Vector 1607Estampado Vector 1606Estampado Vector 2134Estampado Vector 1512Estampado Vector 1454Estampado Vector 2048Estampado Vector 5068Estampado Vector 1605Estampado Vector 1367Estampado Vector 1430Estampado Vector 1337Estampado Vector 1498Estampado Vector 2169Estampado Vector 1499Estampado Vector 1862Estampado Vector 2140Estampado Vector 3453Estampado Vector 3946Estampado Vector 3924Estampado Vector 3524Estampado Vector 3706Estampado Vector 1858Estampado Vector 1412Estampado Vector 2047Estampado Vector 1366Estampado Vector 1608Estampado Vector 1540Estampado Vector 1417Estampado Vector 1407Estampado Vector 1405Estampado Vector 2050Estampado Vector 1413Estampado Vector 1554Estampado Vector 1775Estampado Vector 2167Estampado Vector 1410Estampado Vector 1431Estampado Vector 3703Estampado Vector 3409Estampado Vector 1558Estampado Vector 3382Estampado Vector 3407Estampado Vector 1510Estampado Vector 2054Estampado Vector 1408Estampado Vector 1404Estampado Vector 3523Estampado Vector 1545Estampado Vector 1859Estampado Vector 1773Estampado Vector 2138Estampado Vector 1544Estampado Vector 1537Estampado Vector 2129Estampado Vector 1432Estampado Vector 1779Estampado Vector 8455Estampado Vector 2053