Bard Sandemose

Bard Sandemose
Origen UK
Miembro desde 05 / 2013
Sobre mí I'm a Norwegian graphic designer, illustrator and pattern designer based in London. I'm always up for a challenge that can further increase my arsenal of creative ammunition. At the moment my main focus is pattern design, but I also wish to experiment further with a variety of visual art forms in the years to come, including animation.
Sobre mis diseños My patterns are bold and vibrant - that's the kind of designs I enjoy making. There is too much white, gray and baby blue out there, so I'm on a mission to widen the spectrum a little bit.
Mí fuente de inspiración I'm very much into art history, and get inspiration all the way from ancient Egypt to pixel art. Additionaly, tribal and folk art from pretty much every corner of the world is something that sparks my creativity.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Norwegian wood carving traditions go all the way back to the stave churches and ships of the vikings. Then there is a range of textile pattern traditions, from woven rugs to knitted wool and embroidery. In addition there is the tradition of "Rosemåling" or decorative painting.
Además de los estampados diseño Graphic design for both print and web, illustration and collage (both digital and traditional) - anything I can get my hands on really!
Estampado Vector 4845Estampado Vector 4805Estampado Vector 3648Estampado Vector 4834Estampado Vector 3539Estampado Vector 4806Estampado Vector 3645Estampado Vector 4848Estampado Vector 4842Estampado Vector 3547Estampado Vector 4802Estampado Vector 4930Estampado Vector 4838Estampado Vector 3545Estampado Vector 3644Estampado Vector 3542Estampado Vector 4783Estampado Vector 3543Estampado Vector 3550Estampado Vector 3647Estampado Vector 3538Estampado Vector 3646Estampado Vector 4784Estampado Vector 4816Estampado Vector 4847Estampado Vector 4856Estampado Vector 4803Estampado Vector 3544Estampado Vector 4781Estampado Vector 4782Estampado Vector 4858Estampado Vector 3643Estampado Vector 3536Estampado Vector 3540Estampado Vector 3546Estampado Vector 3551Estampado Vector 3549Estampado Vector 3541Estampado Vector 3548Estampado Vector 4804Estampado Vector 3640