Anny Cecilia Walter

Anny Cecilia Walter
Origen Perú
Miembro desde 10 / 2013
Sobre mí Art is something that is inherent in every human being. I enjoy making patterns, drawing, painting, it is part of my daily life.
Sobre mis diseños My designs have definitely flowers, i like to work with flowers, i love to applicate the vintage and grunge styles as well.
Mí fuente de inspiración My Family, old Greek and French music, the beach.
Típico para los diseños de mi país The Traditional Inkas and pre-Inkas Cultures have a particular colorful style, using ever the animals of the Andes.
Además de los estampados diseño Painting, templates, cards, backgrounds, digital art and photography.
Estampado Vector 5885Estampado Vector 6181Estampado Vector 4714Estampado Vector 4923Estampado Vector 4643Estampado Vector 4909Estampado Vector 4528Estampado Vector 5966Estampado Vector 4825Estampado Vector 8967Estampado Vector 4568Estampado Vector 6080Estampado Vector 4472Estampado Vector 9861Estampado Vector 6740Estampado Vector 5110Estampado Vector 4563Estampado Vector 5945Estampado Vector 6022Estampado Vector 5732Estampado Vector 7171Estampado Vector 5654Estampado Vector 4386Estampado Vector 4902Estampado Vector 4810Estampado Vector 4417Estampado Vector 4419Estampado Vector 4549Estampado Vector 5650Estampado Vector 4963Estampado Vector 5280Estampado Vector 4953Estampado Vector 5666Estampado Vector 4515Estampado Vector 4452Estampado Vector 5585Estampado Vector 4660Estampado Vector 5648Estampado Vector 4535Estampado Vector 5642Estampado Vector 10484Estampado Vector 7032Estampado Vector 4446Estampado Vector 4454Estampado Vector 4907Estampado Vector 9163Estampado Vector 5689Estampado Vector 6209Estampado Vector 5727Estampado Vector 4809Estampado Vector 6124Estampado Vector 9301Estampado Vector 6036Estampado Vector 5913Estampado Vector 9221Estampado Vector 5768Estampado Vector 6150Estampado Vector 5731Estampado Vector 9056Estampado Vector 4869