Ievgeniia Lytvynovych

Ievgeniia Lytvynovych
Origen Bielorrusia
Miembro desde 10 / 2014
Sobre mí I am a Belarus-based vector artist. I create designs and patterns with hand sketched food, botanical and entomological elements.
Sobre mis diseños Hand drawn sketches, detailed elements, traced images of high quality, beautiful compositions.
Mí fuente de inspiración I am inspired by world around me. My designs are mostly influenced by nature, history and art.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Traditional regional flora and fauna.
Además de los estampados diseño Illustrations, cards, package design.
Estampado Vector 7446Estampado Vector 10128Estampado Vector 10288Estampado Vector 10104Estampado Vector 10070Estampado Vector 8198Estampado Vector 10138Estampado Vector 10372Estampado Vector 9935Estampado Vector 10303Estampado Vector 10244Estampado Vector 7395Estampado Vector 10427Estampado Vector 7382Estampado Vector 9730Estampado Vector 10012Estampado Vector 9944Estampado Vector 7361Estampado Vector 9781Estampado Vector 9937Estampado Vector 10065Estampado Vector 10111Estampado Vector 7372Estampado Vector 9741Estampado Vector 10157Estampado Vector 7573Estampado Vector 9700Estampado Vector 7338Estampado Vector 9974Estampado Vector 10689Estampado Vector 10355Estampado Vector 10049Estampado Vector 7745Estampado Vector 9964Estampado Vector 10066Estampado Vector 10277Estampado Vector 10367Estampado Vector 10341Estampado Vector 7360Estampado Vector 10041Estampado Vector 7492Estampado Vector 7636Estampado Vector 9682Estampado Vector 7400Estampado Vector 7363Estampado Vector 10137Estampado Vector 10006Estampado Vector 10014Estampado Vector 10393Estampado Vector 7401Estampado Vector 7447Estampado Vector 7399Estampado Vector 9880Estampado Vector 9890Estampado Vector 9751Estampado Vector 10322Estampado Vector 9720Estampado Vector 9652Estampado Vector 10068Estampado Vector 10305