Leysan Shayakbirova

Leysan Shayakbirova
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 11 / 2014
Sobre mí My name is Leysan and I am a surface designer and a graphic artist. I really love animals and cute illustrsation. If you have any questions you are always welcomed in my inbox. That's why don't hesitate, write me if you want to clarify something, or maybe you just want to chat with me or you have some offers and suggestions. Here is my e-mail: *losojospardos@gmail.com* Follow me on Instagram: @leysan_shayak
Sobre mis diseños
Mí fuente de inspiración animals, traveling
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño illustrations
Estampado Vector 7801Estampado Vector 8742Estampado Vector 8741Estampado Vector 7789Estampado Vector 8814Estampado Vector 7342Estampado Vector 13704Estampado Vector 13833Estampado Vector 7786Estampado Vector 7431Estampado Vector 7308Estampado Vector 16062Estampado Vector 8813Estampado Vector 8404Estampado Vector 7367Estampado Vector 7324Estampado Vector 7329Estampado Vector 8029Estampado Vector 7430Estampado Vector 7350Estampado Vector 7318Estampado Vector 7358Estampado Vector 7321Estampado Vector 14513Estampado Vector 7788Estampado Vector 7347Estampado Vector 9369Estampado Vector 23154Estampado Vector 7742Estampado Vector 7432Estampado Vector 15177Estampado Vector 13592Estampado Vector 14507Estampado Vector 21038Estampado Vector 8763Estampado Vector 7805Estampado Vector 7316Estampado Vector 8027Estampado Vector 7914Estampado Vector 7374Estampado Vector 7375Estampado Vector 14989Estampado Vector 14988Estampado Vector 7799Estampado Vector 14576Estampado Vector 20131Estampado Vector 8749Estampado Vector 7351Estampado Vector 7380Estampado Vector 14525Estampado Vector 21414Estampado Vector 14991Estampado Vector 7991Estampado Vector 14508Estampado Vector 20819Estampado Vector 21132Estampado Vector 16086Estampado Vector 20974Estampado Vector 13872Estampado Vector 14565