Michael Frings

Michael Frings
Origen Alemania
Miembro desde 11 / 2015
Sobre mí As an artist and graphic designer I gained experience in different projects. In many cases I need to experimenting and find new design options, hereby i discovered pattern-designs on patterndesigns.com. Pattern Design offers me the opportunity to bring my design ideas into another form or to recycle non used designs.
Sobre mis diseños The end result is mostly different from what you thought of in the beginning.
Mí fuente de inspiración nature, family, travelling, art, photography, architecture, music, cinema, theatre, literature, pattern design, 42
Típico para los diseños de mi país functionality
Además de los estampados diseño logotypes, corporate designs, websites, brochures, flyer, ads, poster, fair-displays, shopping bags
Estampado Vector 10384Estampado Vector 10410Estampado Vector 9643Estampado Vector 10092Estampado Vector 18008Estampado Vector 10330Estampado Vector 10461Estampado Vector 9704Estampado Vector 9547Estampado Vector 10821Estampado Vector 12381Estampado Vector 10431Estampado Vector 18348Estampado Vector 21074Estampado Vector 20934Estampado Vector 22381Estampado Vector 17478Estampado Vector 22225Estampado Vector 20682Estampado Vector 22188Estampado Vector 17481Estampado Vector 20681Estampado Vector 12845Estampado Vector 20967Estampado Vector 20680Estampado Vector 20965Estampado Vector 22372Estampado Vector 22184Estampado Vector 22405Estampado Vector 20782