Lazzat Kerr

Lazzat  Kerr
Origen Kazajstán
Miembro desde 11 / 2015
Sobre mí I am freelance illustrator and surface pattern designer . I love creating a hand drawing designs .
Sobre mis diseños Hand drawn nature inspired patterns ,mostly florals , but because I love to experiment with all kind of techniques and that’s what makes my portfolio quite wide in styles and techniques.
Mí fuente de inspiración Whatever I see in everyday life
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Logo designs , watercolor greeting cards , paint with different mediums as a acrylics, gouache, oil and watercolors.
Estampado Vector 9733Estampado Vector 9695Estampado Vector 10813Estampado Vector 10133Estampado Vector 10103Estampado Vector 9736Estampado Vector 10666Estampado Vector 10034Estampado Vector 10134Estampado Vector 10558Estampado Vector 9639Estampado Vector 9787Estampado Vector 9664Estampado Vector 11686Estampado Vector 9763Estampado Vector 9768Estampado Vector 9819Estampado Vector 9606Estampado Vector 9826Estampado Vector 9687Estampado Vector 11687Estampado Vector 9788Estampado Vector 11814Estampado Vector 9757Estampado Vector 9780Estampado Vector 9775Estampado Vector 9791Estampado Vector 10102Estampado Vector 9724Estampado Vector 9588Estampado Vector 9833Estampado Vector 10472Estampado Vector 9707Estampado Vector 9852Estampado Vector 9975Estampado Vector 9960Estampado Vector 9609Estampado Vector 10033Estampado Vector 9783Estampado Vector 10106Estampado Vector 11546Estampado Vector 9636Estampado Vector 13709Estampado Vector 9797Estampado Vector 9789Estampado Vector 10464Estampado Vector 11905Estampado Vector 10129Estampado Vector 9885Estampado Vector 12120Estampado Vector 9746Estampado Vector 9931Estampado Vector 10615Estampado Vector 10003Estampado Vector 10654Estampado Vector 13317Estampado Vector 10308Estampado Vector 10177Estampado Vector 13718Estampado Vector 13526