Svetlana Bataenkova

Svetlana Bataenkova
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 02 / 2016
Sobre mí Hello! My name is Svetlana. I am an artist based in Russia. I am a professional costume designer and have drawn costume sketches for theaters for many years. I like beautiful ornate textiles to work with. And I did many textile decorations for my customer's homes as well. I travel a lot and have lived in many different places in Europe. That's how I found myself on new professional path - digital drawing. I draw by hand on paper or directly on my graphic tablet. My digital items already spread throughout the world. And it so exciting!
Sobre mis diseños Joyful, light, nature-inspired
Mí fuente de inspiración I am inspired by nature most of all and by fine art.
Típico para los diseños de mi país Clean bright colors.
Además de los estampados diseño Digital Products: digital papers, clipart; drawing, zenart and hand painted silk
Estampado Vector 19016Estampado Vector 18143Estampado Vector 10623Estampado Vector 18007Estampado Vector 17860Estampado Vector 10446Estampado Vector 19015Estampado Vector 16022Estampado Vector 16024Estampado Vector 19033Estampado Vector 16837Estampado Vector 19039Estampado Vector 15818Estampado Vector 17897Estampado Vector 16025Estampado Vector 18090Estampado Vector 16019Estampado Vector 16841Estampado Vector 17671Estampado Vector 17935Estampado Vector 16021Estampado Vector 16922Estampado Vector 10641Estampado Vector 16917Estampado Vector 18162Estampado Vector 15834Estampado Vector 17878Estampado Vector 16918Estampado Vector 17673Estampado Vector 17896Estampado Vector 17908Estampado Vector 16913Estampado Vector 15832Estampado Vector 16839Estampado Vector 17667Estampado Vector 16919Estampado Vector 18065Estampado Vector 16209Estampado Vector 17923Estampado Vector 17830Estampado Vector 18172Estampado Vector 17861Estampado Vector 18123Estampado Vector 16842Estampado Vector 16020Estampado Vector 17788Estampado Vector 17909Estampado Vector 16838Estampado Vector 16921Estampado Vector 17961Estampado Vector 17669Estampado Vector 16916Estampado Vector 17936Estampado Vector 17944Estampado Vector 18146Estampado Vector 16923Estampado Vector 17831Estampado Vector 19025Estampado Vector 16915Estampado Vector 15892