Jelena Obradovic

Jelena Obradovic
Origen Serbia y Montenegro
Miembro desde 03 / 2016
Sobre mí I'm a vector illustrator from Serbia and absolutely love to create patterns and see them alive on products around me.
Sobre mis diseños Behind every design there is a story, and most of the time I create several designs that are all part of one story and they all complement each other. I hope you can see the story I'm trying to tell and that you like it.
Mí fuente de inspiración Mostly nature, but I can see something inspiring everywhere.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño illustrations inspired by nature and other beautiful things around me.
Estampado Vector 21134Estampado Vector 21135Estampado Vector 18637Estampado Vector 11262Estampado Vector 11769Estampado Vector 10805Estampado Vector 11260Estampado Vector 13628Estampado Vector 13571Estampado Vector 14270Estampado Vector 12458Estampado Vector 28881Estampado Vector 12695Estampado Vector 12248Estampado Vector 11840Estampado Vector 11234Estampado Vector 11221Estampado Vector 13883Estampado Vector 14272Estampado Vector 12200Estampado Vector 11096Estampado Vector 14269Estampado Vector 10686Estampado Vector 13879Estampado Vector 10916Estampado Vector 14271Estampado Vector 12815Estampado Vector 12817Estampado Vector 10892Estampado Vector 10752Estampado Vector 11168Estampado Vector 16163Estampado Vector 13882Estampado Vector 10913Estampado Vector 12861Estampado Vector 13591Estampado Vector 16252Estampado Vector 12099Estampado Vector 13880Estampado Vector 17439Estampado Vector 12705Estampado Vector 11377Estampado Vector 11473Estampado Vector 10907Estampado Vector 11382Estampado Vector 13878Estampado Vector 11447Estampado Vector 11236Estampado Vector 11264Estampado Vector 11910Estampado Vector 10876Estampado Vector 11222Estampado Vector 12704Estampado Vector 10875Estampado Vector 11333Estampado Vector 10833Estampado Vector 10740Estampado Vector 10914Estampado Vector 14247Estampado Vector 15658