Evgenia Balchinova

Evgenia Balchinova
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 04 / 2016
Sobre mí
Sobre mis diseños I live in Siberia, but I love warm and colorful palettes. My designs are different - sometimes they're so girlish and cute, and sometime I'd like to create something really simple. I like ethnic motifs and enjoy working with them a lot.
Mí fuente de inspiración my daughter, fashion and nature
Típico para los diseños de mi país My country is so big that there's no "typical" words for it)
Además de los estampados diseño clothes, interiors, artbooks and many other things
Estampado Vector 10848Estampado Vector 10835Estampado Vector 11386Estampado Vector 11279Estampado Vector 11419Estampado Vector 14455Estampado Vector 11416Estampado Vector 14399Estampado Vector 13773Estampado Vector 14174Estampado Vector 11323Estampado Vector 14041Estampado Vector 14457Estampado Vector 14375Estampado Vector 20688Estampado Vector 22440Estampado Vector 10954Estampado Vector 22460Estampado Vector 22459Estampado Vector 20690Estampado Vector 22453Estampado Vector 22489Estampado Vector 22456Estampado Vector 22457Estampado Vector 20692Estampado Vector 20684Estampado Vector 22455Estampado Vector 22458Estampado Vector 20689Estampado Vector 20683Estampado Vector 20691Estampado Vector 20685Estampado Vector 20687