Inna Koroleva

Inna Koroleva
Origen Rusia
Miembro desde 05 / 2016
Sobre mí Once upon a time a nice brunette who loves to draw was born in Russia. And that was me, of course.
Sobre mis diseños I plan to develop myself and become the best painter. I like to work with cartoon personage, funny animal with people,illustration and geometric forms.
Mí fuente de inspiración I am inspired by love and peace.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Illustrations, design art and cartoon personage.
Estampado Vector 14163Estampado Vector 18457Estampado Vector 14152Estampado Vector 19926Estampado Vector 14162Estampado Vector 14876Estampado Vector 12559Estampado Vector 19527Estampado Vector 14161Estampado Vector 14092Estampado Vector 14056Estampado Vector 18338Estampado Vector 14165Estampado Vector 18833Estampado Vector 19247Estampado Vector 13577Estampado Vector 12502Estampado Vector 14792Estampado Vector 21402Estampado Vector 14790Estampado Vector 14850Estampado Vector 14871Estampado Vector 12808Estampado Vector 13127Estampado Vector 14142Estampado Vector 14091Estampado Vector 13548Estampado Vector 19509Estampado Vector 18689Estampado Vector 11735Estampado Vector 18336Estampado Vector 14872Estampado Vector 14088Estampado Vector 14796Estampado Vector 13576Estampado Vector 14767Estampado Vector 15133Estampado Vector 14795Estampado Vector 12842Estampado Vector 12085Estampado Vector 15241Estampado Vector 19512Estampado Vector 14164Estampado Vector 18465Estampado Vector 18052Estampado Vector 14042Estampado Vector 13742Estampado Vector 12784Estampado Vector 14625Estampado Vector 14791Estampado Vector 18121Estampado Vector 14068Estampado Vector 18836Estampado Vector 18049Estampado Vector 13575Estampado Vector 19596Estampado Vector 18688Estampado Vector 14074Estampado Vector 18313Estampado Vector 14076