Alejandra Zapata

Alejandra Zapata
Origen España
Miembro desde 07 / 2019
Sobre mí I am surface pattern designer based in Ibiza enjoying the wonderful island life. I found my passion for pattern making by accident and haven't really stopped thinking about making beautiful things since tehn.
Sobre mis diseños Colorful, happy and sometimes naif. I always like to draw in my sketchbook first so that I get inspired by all the different shapes.
Mí fuente de inspiración Mostly my daily walks in nature. All the different flowers and leaves that I find through the different seasons.
Típico para los diseños de mi país
Además de los estampados diseño Illustrations.
Estampado Vector 25201Estampado Vector 25204Estampado Vector 25308Estampado Vector 25302Estampado Vector 25203Estampado Vector 25195Estampado Vector 25193Estampado Vector 25232Estampado Vector 25233Estampado Vector 25268Estampado Vector 25284Estampado Vector 25250Estampado Vector 25320Estampado Vector 26012Estampado Vector 25317Estampado Vector 25358Estampado Vector 25307Estampado Vector 25355Estampado Vector 25645Estampado Vector 25235Estampado Vector 25316