Evelina Hiiri

Evelina Hiiri
Alkuperä Ruotsi
Jäsen alkaen 04 / 2016
Tietoja minusta Im passionated graphic designer with penchant for making patterns. To me it´s more than a profession. I love the creation as a process and to produce beautiful things.
Tietoja Omista malleista I like simplicity, culture art, organic art and super cute patterns.
Oma inspiraation lähde It is all about design. I find my inspiration in nature, in humans and in modern trends.
maani malleille
Typical sweden design is the Dalahorse and Kurbits painting art that shows in distinctive decor of fantasy plants with big flowers and leaf buds. There is also beautiful patterns and stories found from our original inhabitants and it shows in Laplander´s crafted trade. Our design meet traditions with modern art. We do own the best educations within design so Sweden are really good at it.
Kuvioiden lisäksi suunnittelen Graphic design and 3D design