Kirsten Miller

Kirsten Miller
Origine Afrique du Sud
Membre depuis 03 / 2013
À propos de moi I am an artist, designer and writer from Durban, South Africa.
Sur mes dessins My designs are most often references to the natural, organic flow of life that is both outside and within. I most often start a design by sketching or drawing by hand first, and seeing where that takes me.
Ma Source d'Inspiration ...are all around me. I’m inspired by nature, colour, openness, beauty. Sometimes the colours come first.
Typique pour les motifs de mon pays ...are bold, strong, often traditional, and contain references to the surroundings - to the earth, the sky, the warmth of the sun. They both inspire me and make me proud.
En plus de motifs que je conçois ... T-shirts. I love that t-shirts represent a lifestyle, and can be a blank canvas for anything you want to say.