Sherry Smith-Schnicke

Sherry  Smith-Schnicke
Origine Etats-Unis
Membre depuis 12 / 2013
À propos de moi I've always loved colorful patterns since I was a kid, and creating them is fun. Designing patterns is a outlet for me that lets me explore new possibilities in creating something new and unique.
Sur mes dessins I do not consider myself to have one set style when it comes to designing. I just allow ideas to pop into my head and then I work on creating them.
Ma Source d'Inspiration I find inspiration from in pictures, music, places, things, people I see, and from within my mind where things seem to come up before I go to bed or wake up from a great dream.
Typique pour les motifs de mon pays Abstract, impressionism, pop art, contemporary art, you can say that's one of the reasons of why it used to be called the Melting pot. It a mix of different cultures all in one country.
En plus de motifs que je conçois Craft items that I can sew, stained glass, jewelry, and whatever new thing that interest me that I can learn how to do. Knowledge is power, and experience is a gift that leads to many great things.