Tatiana Bannikova

Tatiana Bannikova
Origine Russie
Membre depuis 05 / 2017
À propos de moi My name is Tanya, I live in a beautiful city by the sea. I love to travel, it also gives inspiration for creative work. Now I am fascinated by Asia, traveling to China and Mongolia left an unforgettable impression.
Sur mes dessins I like to create hand drawn grunge patterns and watercolor illustration. Sketches are my favorite style. Welcome to my gallery, I'm very happy to see you here :-)
Ma Source d'Inspiration The beauty of the surrounding nature and modern art and fashion serve as an inspiration for me to work on illustrations.
Typique pour les motifs de mon pays
En plus de motifs que je conçois I love cooking mousse cakes and macaroons, as well as making wedding films.