Dylan Farrell

Dylan Farrell
उत्पत्ति Canada
तब से सदस्य 11 / 2012
मेरे बारे में Dylan is a 33 year old Award Winning Canadian Artist working in many mediums
मेरी डिज़ाइन के बारे में I like to be open to what my work depicts, no rules, no boundaries.
प्रेरणा का मेरा स्रोत Inspiration comes from all directions. I enjoy doing contest with varied themes, subjects I might not have considered have a wonderful way of turning out wonderful and push my limits and test my creativity.

मेरे देश से डिजाइन के लिए विशिष्ट
पैटर्न के अलावा मैं डिजाइन करता हूं Logos, web pages, graphics, Driftwood Creations, Furniture, and I also do Oil Paintings