Rizwan Ajmerwala

Rizwan Ajmerwala
उत्पत्ति भारत
तब से सदस्य 04 / 2015
मेरे बारे में I am Textile Designer having experience from more than a decade. I have sound knowledge of patterns that go for printing on fabrics. I like to make patterns inspired by nature. I like to make patterns without prior planning. I like to play with patterns and do different experiments to find something new. Many times I feel so inspired from within that I become eager to start and make something, without any planning, just passion. Then comes something beautiful. I always feel that whatever I make will come to a Beautiful end.
मेरी डिज़ाइन के बारे में I make very different kinds of styles. Floral, geometrical, Oriental, Plaids and many more.
प्रेरणा का मेरा स्रोत I like to take Inspiration from Nature, and old World patterns and Architecture

मेरे देश से डिजाइन के लिए विशिष्ट
I am an Indian, so somewhere (everywhere) you will find indian touch to my works.
पैटर्न के अलावा मैं डिजाइन करता हूं Wow, I like to paint a Lot, its my passion. I paint Landscapes and nature in Watercolours on paper. Also I paint Abstract modern art with Acrylic on Canvas.