Mariia Le Squer

Mariia Le Squer
Origine Francia
Membro dal 09 / 2020
Su di me I am working on fashion accessories and patterns. My architectural education allows me to design complex designs and patterns, and my work experience allows me to understand how my designs will look in real life.
Informazioni sui miei disegni I try to approach the development of each design as a work of art, trying to convey a sense of handwork, choosing the plastic and color palette to convey the mood and atmosphere. Most of the patterns start with sketches in a sketchbook, then I modify them on a graphics tablet and only then I finalize them in Adobe illustrator.
La mia fonte di ispirazione Travelings! I traveled a lot in Central Asia and the Middle East, discovering ornaments, traditional crafts, and handmade fabrics. Another source of inspiration is the place where I live. I was lucky enough to live in a small medieval town surrounded by the Alpine mountains, sometimes I just have to look out the window to get inspiration.
Tipico per i disegni
del mio paese
Since I come from Ukraine, colorful and expressive ornaments are traditional for my culture. But for the country where I live it is typical to use more refined and delicate ornaments with a complex, sophisticated color palette. In my work, you can see a combination ob both traditions.
Oltre ai modelli che disegno Jewelry and accessories design. Consulting.
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