Martina Gadermeier

Martina Gadermeier
Origine Austria
Membro dal 04 / 2009
Su di me I have always been creative, but with pattern design I have found a specific design field I am really passionate about. I design patterns since I went to an arts college in Salzburg, where I made a degree in Media Design.
Informazioni sui miei disegni My designs are mostly influenced by nature and by my travelings. Every destination brings its own inspiration and sometimes I can't wait to get home and let them flow into some new pattern creations.
La mia fonte di ispirazione Nature, Traveling, Art, Children, History
Tipico per i disegni
del mio paese
Traditional designs with illustrations of the regional flora and fauna.
Oltre ai modelli che disegno Vektor Illustrations, Textile, Web- and Printdesigns for clients.