Chris Melville

Chris Melville
Origine Nuova Zelanda
Membro dal 01 / 2019
Su di me I'm a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Jazz Singer living in Auckland, New Zealand.
Informazioni sui miei disegni I love the rhythm of geometry, and my designs reflect my eye for this style. Sometimes they have a cultural reference, sometimes they're whimsical, but they're always colourful!
La mia fonte di ispirazione My inspiration is everywhere; in nature, society, architecture, music, fashion. I hope this means I'll never run out of ideas!
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del mio paese
Nature and Maori traditional weaving are two areas of classic design direction from my country.
Oltre ai modelli che disegno For a wine company; Point of Sale, trade presenters, merchandise, digital assets, bottleshots, photography.