Mads Miltersen

Mads Miltersen
出身地 デンマーク
メンバー登録日: 11 / 2011
About Me Born in Denmark in 1968<br />Educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in 1994<br />Established my design studio Mads Miltersen Design in 1997
About My Designs I strive to make things as simple and effective as possible.<br />In my opinion the best patterns are the ones which seem random without being random.
Origin of Inspiration Nature is my main source of inspiration.<br />If humans could create anything as beautiful and functional as natures creations, we would have achieved perfection.
My country typical designs Danish design is very simple and functional, often added with a bit of humor.
Other works My main specialty is product design.<br />I have designed machines, furniture, stoves, lamps, transport equipment, gas stations, family houses and many other things.