Jasmin Metzen

Jasmin Metzen
出身地 ドイツ
メンバー登録日: 08 / 2013
About Me I am a dreamer, a little bit crazy and most i am crative. Beside creating design, i make art with watercolour, or acrylic an love photography.
About My Designs Are funny, creative, sweet, friendly, decorative, elegant and modern.
Origin of Inspiration People, animals, internet and photography
My country typical designs They are ordinary structured. I try to give them more style and fun.
Other works Shirt-designs. Shop: http://www.vertraeumt-verrueckt.spreadshirt.de/ Zazzle shop: http://www.zazzle.de/vertraeumtverrueckt* Art and photography: Blog: http://www.dreamycreative.blogspot.de Photography: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasminm/ Society6:http://society6.com/vertraeumtverrueckt