Deborah Eater

Deborah Eater
오리진 미국
회원 이후 04 / 2014
나에 대해 Most of the time I am an artist who paints with paper — not on paper but with paper — I call it painterly collage. I also love to play with cloth and fiber, pattern and design.
내 디자인 정보 My designs are my playground where I unwind after a day of painting.
나의 영감의 원천 I love to play with geometric variations, especial those that combine curve and linear elements.

우리 나라의 디자인에 대한 일반적인
American designs reflect many ethnic roots. My own heritage is a mixture of English, Czech, German, Italian, Russian, and Slovenian ancestors.
패턴 외에도 디자인 I create fine art, working mainly in charcoal and collage. I also like to knit and to spin my own yarns.