Anna Shingareva

Anna Shingareva
Pochodzenie UK
Członek od 04 / 2023
O mnie I have always had a passion for creativity and I have design experience since I have been drawing with pencil and watercolor for many years. I also have experience in photo/retouching and as a tradeshow documents designer. I am happy I can combine acquired skills with what I really enjoy to do. I approach the creation of patterns with great passion and responsibility, so I spend a lot of time on my designs. When creating patterns, I really immerse myself in the creative process. I like experiment and strive for excellence.
O moich projektach I really enjoy the process of expressing my perception of the world in patterns. I create designs such as flora,fauna,geometric forms and abstraction.
Moje Źródło Inspiracji The inspiration for my designs comes from nature and art.
Typowe dla projektów z
mojego kraju
Poza wzorami projektuję Photo retouching,illustrations