Carmen Janosch

Carmen Janosch
Ursprung Tyskland
Medlem sedan 06 / 2012
Om mig
Om My Designs I like unusual ideas which do not fit into right standard. I love the gritty design as well as the colorful motif.
Min inspirationskälla Pop Art, Retro, 50s to 70s, Gothic .... just a bit of everything. Well mixed, depending on the mood of the day. In most cases outweighs the colorful design. There are days where I have no creativity. These days are not taken tragically.
Typiskt för mönster från
mitt land
The typical German design there are hardly any. Today, patterns incur by one of the roots of many nationalities diversity. Something from each culture. The typical German belling deer remains a cult.
Förutom mönster designar jag llustration, wallpaper, Porcelain design, print products, fabric design