OLHA Shvachych

OLHA Shvachych
Ursprung Ukraina
Medlem sedan 06 / 2020
Om mig Hi! My name is Olga. I'm textile and surface designer. I create illustrations, arts, patterns and the mood for your idea with a personal touch. I'm available for freelance or collaborations. Please get in touch at shvachich@gmail.com
Om My Designs All the patterns I create are original patterns that come from my soul and heart.
Min inspirationskälla My source of inspiration is nature, plants, trees. I also adore animals, so I often use images of animals in my patterns. I also create a lot of patterns that come to my mind, I'm just trying to reproduce them.
Typiskt för mönster från
mitt land
My country is very rich in a variety of creative decorations for clothing and interiors. This is a huge number of embroidered ornaments on traditional embroidered shirts and towels. I master the Petrykivka style, which is known all over the world. Many of my floral ornaments originate from there
Förutom mönster designar jag In addition to patterns and design, I also love to cook and prepare a variety of pastries and desserts.