Ntsindiso Victor Nqakaza

Ntsindiso Victor Nqakaza
Ursprung Sydafrika
Medlem sedan 11 / 2022
Om mig My name is Ntsindiso Victor Nqakaza and I was born in a small town called "Bizana" where I learned a lot, including making models and objects with clay. Since I grew up in a rural area with limited art resources, I often had to improvise.
Om My Designs In my work, I translate the African visual language of symbols into a two-dimensional world. There is a connection between these patterns and symbols and different cultures around the world. They convey different emotions. Having a deep appreciation for God's nature, abstract art is one of my biggest inspirations.
Min inspirationskälla Nature is my source of inspiration
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mitt land
I get a lot of inspiration from the visual language and symbols that are used in my country.
Förutom mönster designar jag Graphic Design and Illustrations