Mariane Wisintainer

Mariane Wisintainer
原产地 巴西
自成员 01 / 2020
关于我 Hi.I have always like draw nature, flowers, leaves and birds, with pattern design I have found a specific design field. I design patterns for fashion since I get out design university, where I made a degree in Graphic Design.
关于我的设计 My patterns are influenced by nature and by my paints in whatercolor, guache or other technics. While I'm doing my draws, I like to think seam when I paint. This way results in more elegant work.
我的灵感来源 Draws, photos, sketchs, flowers, birds, nature. When I start a work, I toke some photos of my garden and some wathercolors and sketches, mixed them all and test it in a kind of composition that makes the harmony of the forms.
In Brazil, the design is vibrant with many flowers, leaves, and other elements in the same composition, overlayed. Very colorfull and mixings, like the country.
除了我设计的模式 I also design book illustration, with soft watercolors.
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