Daria Reznichenko

Daria Reznichenko
原产地 乌克兰
自成员 01 / 2020
关于我 Graphic Designer
关于我的设计 All my projects are made with love and meaning.
我的灵感来源 The process of work always inspires me
除了我设计的模式 Logos Form style Logobooks Brandbooks Print design Prepress Layout of printing Banners Vector graphics Design of exhibition stands Package design Prints Icons Illustrations and drawings Infographics Outdoor advertising Design pages on social networks
中世纪十字架 无缝矢量模式设计中世纪 无缝矢量模式设计丘比特 无缝矢量模式设计丘比特送爱 无缝矢量模式设计