Adi Kuncoro

Adi Kuncoro
原产地 印度尼西亚
自成员 03 / 2020
关于我 Our studio designs have a professional team, our main division is Clothing design, we make many designs for industrial and commercial purposes. If you want to have an exclusive license of our work, please contact us at any time. Thanks.
关于我的设计 We have a commercial design direction that is well accepted by the market. A simple, strong design, character and also eye catchings are designs that have high selling points. Thanks.
我的灵感来源 We love the geometrical and natural work of humans. We are also inspired by the history of old human graphics, totems and old symbols of human civilization, We make them in the modern version.
In my country the distinctive design is Batik, it can be from Yogyakarta or it can be Balinese, Indonesian. This original culture also influenced our work.
除了我设计的模式 I also design logos, illustrations, packaging designs and t-shirt designs.
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