Alexandra Bolzer

Alexandra Bolzer
原产地 奥地利
自成员 11 / 2012
关于我 Born 1971 in Vienna / Austria, educated as fabricdesigner. I dispose over design experience like fashion, home textiles, automotive fabrics and aviation décor foils. Additionally I have competencies in all common fabric technics. Since 2006 I am working on my own art projects.
关于我的设计 Complex, playful, expressiv and stylish
我的灵感来源 I am inspired by everyday objects as well as elements of the own and foreign cultures. But I also love the aesthetic of the 60ties and 70ties, so I am referring from these times new ideas again and again.
Typical austrian designs are traditional floral Pattern as well as young tangy design and vintage styled pattern
除了我设计的模式 pattern for interior textiles, wallpapers and art projects
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