Martina Kramer

Martina Kramer
原产地 德国
自成员 12 / 2012
关于我 As an architect I've always been fascinated by structures and patterns. Several years ago I started to illustrate and create my own pattern designs. I'm still enthusiastic about the surprising effects of multiplication.
关于我的设计 Almost all my designs are created from hand drawn motifs. I prefer to design collections of patterns that match in colour and can be combined.
我的灵感来源 Anything can be an inspiration but the unlimited variety of forms in nature is the biggest source.
German Design is considered to be clear, functional and reduced to the essentials but eagerness to experiment and influences from around the world blur the boundaries.
除了我设计的模式 Illustrations, book-covers, logos, T-shirts, wallpapers, prints
科羅拉多州 无缝矢量模式设计消息在一个瓶子 无缝矢量模式设计多路存储 无缝矢量模式设计维罗·尼禄 无缝矢量模式设计多库尔蒂红 无缝矢量模式设计沙漠舞 无缝矢量模式设计草花 无缝矢量模式设计多库尔蒂橙 无缝矢量模式设计糖果绿色 无缝矢量模式设计维罗颜色 无缝矢量模式设计