Nina Soentgerath

Nina Soentgerath
原产地 德国
自成员 01 / 2012
关于我 After finishing school I went to Munich, where I graduated at Macromedia Academy of New Media. Subsequent I went to the University of Bradford, UK to finish my studies with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications. After university I worked in diverse advertising agencies as a graphic designer, and studied English and Spanish by correspondence course, before I entirely dedicated my passion to the art. Now I am working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer in my hometown Nuremberg under the name of Kilioa.
关于我的设计 …are as miscellaneous as life is, cause life is the best inspiration. Lot's of agencies recommend to commit oneself to a particular topic to differ from the others, but in my eyes art should always be something new and should contain part of me and this means to me to pick up on new things taken from real life. Such is life! Sometimes my works are mere technical, sometimes funny, charming, profound or just decorative... they "just" mirror the life... and myself!
我的灵感来源 Travling, getting acquainted with different cultures and lifestyles, nature and art
除了我设计的模式 Vector Illustrationens, logos, all kinds of print and webdesign, furthermore my artworks and collages are sold on canvas or as poster.
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