Iris Kirchner

Iris Kirchner
原产地 奥地利
自成员 02 / 2013
关于我的设计 I like to work structured and geometric, but also chaotic and organic. With designing Patterns, I like to work freely and intuitive.
我的灵感来源 My environment, foreign cities and electronic music.
Lately you see more traditional designs, which focus on specific aspects of the Regions. I really appreciate that aspect, because I think it´s good to reflect your roots in your designs.
除了我设计的模式 Everything, which is related to Print Design - I am in love with typography, forms and colors.
窗台 无缝矢量模式设计非洲之眼 无缝矢量模式设计新奥尔良 无缝矢量模式设计非洲妈妈 无缝矢量模式设计自由形式黑白 无缝矢量模式设计非洲逻辑 无缝矢量模式设计非洲爸爸 无缝矢量模式设计