Martina Pfeifer

Martina Pfeifer
原产地 奥地利
自成员 02 / 2015
关于我 I am artistically active in various manners and love most to draw and to illustrate. To design patterns I have first learned about at my time on University, where we realized our designs with handmade wooden models. At the moment, the work with digital media is very exciting for me.
关于我的设计 I love it sometimes really colorful, than more monochrome, depends on my mood, but mostly I prefer clear shapes and straight designs.
我的灵感来源 At my everyday life, inside and outside, I often discover signs, ornaments or simply images, what string together in my phantasy to a pattern. I try then to realize this inspirations.
My impression of the present designs at my country is, that there is a colorful and various influence of other cultures everywhere. The traditional designs are for sure the fine floral and ornamental designs, for instance of the dirndl dresses.
除了我设计的模式 Illustrations; Visit me on my website:
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