Laura F Nicholson

Laura F Nicholson
原产地 美国
自成员 10 / 2012
关于我 Originally educated as a fine artist, I make hand woven tapestries as well as designing printed & woven textiles and rugs for homewares companies. My tapestries and textiles are included in the collections of several major museums, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and the archives of the Venice Biennale.
关于我的设计 My designs are clear, fresh, cleanly drawn, and with vibrant and interesting color combinations. I consider myself a true colorist and always am reaching for interesting and exciting colorways.
我的灵感来源 My designs are most directly influenced by gardens and food – fruits, flowers, bees and vegetables. I also enjoy making dolls and sometimes the fantasy world of funny little people creeps into my designs.
除了我设计的模式 rugs, bedding, household textiles
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